Other services

  • Secondary analysis of marketing information from media and advertising
  • Expert psychological evaluations of advertising strategies, creative concepts, slogans, logo, brand, brand name or product, etc.
  • Counseling in marketing and marketing communication
  • Moderating Focus Group for other research agencies
  • Content analysis of documents and media products
  • Media and communications training
  • Rental of office space for FGs a In-depth interviews
  • Web-streaming of FGs a In-depth interviews (service for client when he is unable to come and watch directly)

There is a novelty in our portfolio of services – a method of in-depth recruitment DEEP-R® which allows research on specific target groups according to client’s specification.

Possible applications of DEEP-R®:

  • Creation or verification of the segmentation of the target group into subgroups
  • Absence of sociographic and psychographic information about the target group
  • In-depth research on individual target groups;
  • Testing multiple ad concepts oriented on various target groups
  • Seeking new products within a restricted target group
  • Searching for the causes of rejection of the product by part of consumers